WTW220E Heavy Duty Mining Truck from China

WTW220E Heavy Duty Mining Truck from China

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Company Profile :

Wuhan Sanjiang Import & Export Company Limited (WSIEC)
A subsidiary of China Sanjiang Space Group (CSSG), is in charge of the abroad marketing of the products manufactured by CSSG.
China Sanjiang Space Group (CSSG):
Established in 1970, CSSG is a large-scale state-owned enterprise. With three research institutes iand eighty factories and 15,000 employees, CSSG has been the top 100 enterprise group.

Quick Details
Drive Wheel:     16*16
Capacity (Load):     220T
Horsepower:     1798kw
Transmission Type:     Manual
Emission Standard:     Euro 2
Fuel Type:     Diesel
Engine Capacity:     > 8L
Gross Vehicle Weight: 167000
Place of Origin:     Hubei, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:     WS
Model Number:     WTW220E
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 15000*7200*6730



ZIL-29061Amphibious Screw Vehicle

ZIL-29061Amphibious Screw Vehicle
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